In emergency situations, the safety of personnel is the highest priority. They must be warned in time and evacuated from the danger areas with specific instructions. Public address and general alarm systems from INDUSTRONIC distribute life-saving information in all relevant areas, thus helping to prevent fatal accidents.

       The systems add to the benefits of a public address system with alarm and evacuation functions. In the event of a general alarm, all non-essential functions such as background music are shut off automatically. At the same time, recorded tone signals and messages are started, which offer maximum protection against hazards thanks to excellent speech intelligibility especially in combination with optical signal transmitters. In addition, safety personnel can also issue specific instructions for the evacuation process.

        Our PA/GA system meets all the requirements of the relevant standards for emergency warning systems and is certified to EN 60849.

INDUSTRONIC intercom systems offer reliable, unique and process-accompanying communication. This increases the safety and efficiency of your processes, and ultimately, the success of your company.