Since founded in July 1989, PT Interprima Indocom has set its focus to become best solution provider for Lightning Protection System and Industrial Telecommunication System. With more than 20 years of proven records, we are ready to assist the Indonesian industrial companies in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions and services for Lightning Protection System. We have extensive experience in system design, training, installation, certification, and commissioning of systems in a wide variety of industry groups including:

  • Telecommunications and Broadcasting
  • Petrochemical - Oil and Gas Industrial Facilities
  • Power Generation and Distribution Plants
  • Rail and Other Transportation System
  • Agriculture and Plantation Facilities

Through years, PT Interprima Indocom has established as one-stop-solution company providing the excellent communication system for harsh and hazardous environment. With clear understanding that only products with high quality and reliability required, we deliver customized all-in-one solutions meet the most demanding challenges and the most diverse international requirements. The solutions include the engineering, design and consultation, installation, testing and commissioning also the maintenance service. These solutions have been successfully implemented at various prestigious companies coming from petrochemical, oil and gas, power plants, mining, and heavy industries. Our success values are customer orientation, excellence and flexibility. We are always open to listen customers' need. We understand it is the only way to learn about the requirements and the only way to deliver the customized and individualized solutions to be competitive. We are committed to all partners to provide the highest solutions according to related standards, deliver the projects on time within customers' budget.